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Fredrik Sandin,
Luleå tekniska universitet,
971 87 Luleå,

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Gunnar Öquist Fellow 2014

I was awarded the Gunnar Öquist Fellowship on December 12, 2014. The fellowship is funded by the Kempe Foundations and it includes SEK 3 million for research over three years (2015-2017) and a personal prize of SEK 50 000. Fellows are also supported with the mentorship of Professor Gunnar Öquist (see report on fostering breakthrough research). I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Carl Kempe and Gunnar Öquist for this opportunity, and to the anonymous professors at LTU who supported me in the nomination process. I am also grateful to the pro vice-chancellor at the Luleå University of Technology, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, the vice-chancellor at Umeå University, Lena Gustafsson, and to Gunnar Öquist for their memorable talks at the ceremony in Umeå.

Gunnar Oquist Award

The background of the fellowship is described here. A translation of the text on the diploma to English is included below.

Fredrik Sandin has been appointed Gunnar Öquist Fellow 2014

The Kempe Foundations

The Gunnar Öquist Fellowship was established at Umeå University,
SLU in Umeå and the Luleå University of Technology in order to
provide young researchers with cutting-edge ideas the opportunity
to peacefully work on their research for a few years.

The Gunnar Öquist Fellow is appointed with the following motivation:

Fredrik Sandin has shown that he is able to quickly create a considerable depth
in new areas of research and inspire students to high-quality publications.
He completed his doctorate in astrophysics in 2007 and continued along the
same line of research with a post-doctoral stay in Liège, Belgium.
He devoted the next postdoctoral period to Brain-like computing at EISLAB
at the Luleå University of Technology, where he is now employed as an
assistant professor and a driving character in Machine Learning and Brain-
like computing. He has shown a special ability to handle basic theoretical
issues with a comprehensive and powerful mathematical toolbox and to
successfully apply the results in diverse industrial applications.

Umeå December 12, 2014


Etherpad Latex scripts (github)
Femtolensing calculator
Random indexing
SSH-distributed calculations

Technical reports

TDP derivatives (extends Appendix E/F)
Fault detection in district energy systems
Intelligent Industrial Processes

Bulletin board

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Mon Sep 14, 2015
Dr. Vasaki Ponnusamy from Quest International University in Malaysia is visiting us for one month with support from STINT.

Mon Aug 31, 2015
Sergio visits EUSIPCO 2015 and presents our paper.

Wed May 27, 2015
Sergio Martin del Campo Barraza presents his licentiate thesis on autonomous sensor systems. Congratulations! Thanks to the opponent, Karl Skretting, for his helpful questions at the seminar.

Mon Apr 27, 2015
Participated at CapoCaccia, great event! Implemented a realtime Matlab / Mex interface (screenshot) for the DAVIS device and learned more about criticality and the ROLLS.

Fri Dec 12, 2014
Gunnar Öquist Fellow ceremony. A memorable day and a great and timely opportunity. More info here.

Thu Nov 13, 2014
Received an encouraging letter from the student union. Thank you for nominating me!

Fri Nov 7, 2014
Presenting our work on interoperability by learning at BICA 2014 in Boston.

Wed Oct 1, 2014
Blerim defends his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats! See also the news article.

Thu Jun 5, 2014
Workshop on bio-inspired computation, organized at UTP, Malaysia. Thanks to STINT, UTP and MMU for support.

Fri Apr 25, 2014
Ph.D. student Sergio Martin del Campo attends MLSS2014 and presents a poster.

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